Friday, 11 April 2014

Request : Keep What Ya Got Instrumental

Format : 5" CD-R
Country : US
Year : 2004
Record Label : Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Cat # : N/A

Keep What Ya Got (Instrumental)

I've been searching for this promo for a few years now but never had any luck in sourcing the CD. It contains the instrumental version of Keep What Ya Got which Noel co-wrote with Ian Brown. If any can help out with a copy of the song please leave a comment. Thanks for any help. Picture and information sourced from the excellent Stone Roses site You can also hear a 30 second clip on page 2 of the Sony /ATV website here.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Unknown Songs of Mystery (Remix Album)

Format : Digital Download
Country : N/A
Year : 2009
Mixed By : CarzyNick
Artwork : Iliad ♣

01 : Rock 'n' Roll Star
02 : Turn Up The Sun
03 : Underneath The Sky
04 : Go Let It Out
05 : Talk Tonight
06 : My Big Mouth
07 : Morning Glory
08 : D'You Know What I Mean?
09 : To Be Where Theres Life
10 : Cast No Shadow

Disc 2

01 : The Boy With The Blues
02 : Bring It On Down
03 : Those Swollen Hand Blues
04 : Falling Down
05 : (Probably) All In The Mind
06 : Keep The Dream Alive
07 : Force Of Nature
08 : Teotihuacán
09 : Champagne Supernova
10 : Roll It Over

Download : Disc 1 | Disc 2

Uploaded here as it can't be shared on Live4ever. I've not listened to this myself but it had quite a decent reaction on L4E. A remix album with "lesser known" selected album tracks and b-sides being used rather than the usual suspects with interview clips used throughout the album. The mix was created by "CarzyNick" and the fantastic artwork by fellow Live4ever member "Iliad ♣". Thanks to Mimmi for uploading.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rise in Panic (White Label Remix)

Format : 12" Vinyl
Country : UK
Year : 2001
Record Label : Not On Label
Cat # : PANIC 001

01 : Rise in Panic (Steve Lawler v Oasis)

Download : Rise in Panic (White Label Remix)

Rise In Panic by Oasis vs Steve Lawler on Grooveshark
Mash up of Steve Lawler's "Rise In" and the live version from Wembley (July 2000) of the underrated Oasis classic Gas Panic! This probably won't be to everyone's taste if you haven't heard it before. It's not my favourite but thought I would get it up on the site. I actually thought I had posted this previously but I guess I never so better late than never I suppose!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Virgin Radio Sessions (Promo CD's)

Format : 5" CD x 3
Country : UK
Year : Various
Record Label : Virgin Radio
Cat # : N/A
Original Ripper / Uploader : Schorman

01 : Cast No Shadow (Acoustic)
02 : The Importance of Being Idle (Live)
03 : Live Forever (Live)

Download : Virgin Radio Sessions

Three very rare Virgin Radio promo CD's with selected live Oasis tracks. I'm not 100% which show the acoustic version of Cast No Shadow is from but both The Importance of Being Idle and Live Forever are from the Virgin Radio broadcast of the V Festival back in 2005. Both songs get a great reaction from the crowd and the sound quality is fantastic. A massive thank you once again goes to Schorman for sharing these CD's. The download is in FLAC format, if you would like an mp3 version then download a cracking little program called "Trader's Little Helper" which is very easy to use here.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Noel Gallagher & The Amorphous Androgynous In The Studio

Format : YouTube Audio
Country : UK
Year : 2014
Record Label : Sour Mash Records
Cat# : N/A
Original Uploader : Gaz Cobain

Download : Shoot A Hole Into The Sun In The Studio (Audio)

A short video uploaded by Gaz Cobain of The Amorphous Androgynous themselves. This gives us a small insight into what happened in the studio while recording Shoot A Hole Into The Sun. One new piece of information which we find out is that Terry Kirkbride played drums on the track rather the Jeremy Stacey who performed on If I Had a Gun... Near the end of the track the song morphs from the single versions drums to a live in-studio take.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Soul Love (Trevor Jackson Heavy Dub)

Format : 5" CD
Country : UK
Year : 2013
Record Label : Playgroup
Cat # : PGRCD004
Original Ripper / Uploader : Wouldn't You Like To Know!

01 : Soul Love (Trevor Jackson Heavy Dub)

Download : FLAC | mp3

A very kind and generous soul, actually two kind souls, one the lossless and one the mp3, were good enough to send me through the full ten minute plus reworking of Soul Love by Trevor Jackson so thank you to both. I dig these kind of mixes, the darker the better and I personally would like to have heard what Trevor Jackson could have done with Flick of The Finger or Start Anew. I know Beady Eye stepped out of their comfort zone with BE last year so hopefully they continue to take a few more risks in future and experiment with this type of sound, imagine LG's vocals on an UNKLE style bass driven track.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Supersonic (Glasgow Tramway '94)

Format : 5" CD
Country : UK
Year : 1999
Record Label : Melody Maker
Cat # : MM-BBC SCITY 99
Original Ripper / Uploader : IDC

01 : Supersonic (Live)

Download : FLAC | mp3

Visit : Website | Twitter | Facebook | Wiki

Thanks to David for sharing this explosive live version of Supersonic which was recorded at the old Tramway in Glasgow back in early 1994. The track was released via an old Melody Maker CD in 1999 and was recorded for BBC Radio Sound City Sessions, you can hear Jo Whiley speaking on the outro. The drums are mental, well done Tony Mac! The song is also due for re-release on the new Definitely Maybe Remaster Deluxe edition so it will be great to have this version to compare it too in the very near future.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Out of The Blue Demos (Autumn 1991)

Format : 1st Generation Cassette Tape
Country : UK
Year : 1991
Record Label : N/A
Cat # : N/A
Original Ripper / Uploader : noelg798

01 : Alice
02 : Reminisce
03 : Take Me

Download : FLAC | mp3

**UPDATE** New stereo rip in lossless and 320kbps mp3 added above.

A huge thanks goes to Darren (noelg798), a member of Supernova Heights and Live4ever who was lucky enough to win at auction an extremely rare Oasis demo tape dating back from early 1992. Included on the tape was the live gig at the Boardwalk on the 14th of January 1992 and more importantly three demos, two of which were unreleased. Both Alice and Reminisce have been sought after for years and it was always a mystery how they had never shown up on any bootleg considering they were recorded at the same time as the first version of Take Me.

Anyway all three tracks were written by Liam and Bonehead back in 1991 before Noel joined the band and were then recorded in Out Of The Blue Studios, Manchester in the Autumn of 1991. Also included in the info folder in the download are clips of Noel, Liam and Bonehead mentioning Alice which was also known as She Always Comes Up Smiling.

The tape cost Darren a small fortune so both forums are asking people to make a donation to help cover some of the costs, please visit the following link to see how you can help : Demo tape Donations.

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