Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Morning Glory (Acoustic)

Format : 5" CD
Country : US
Year : 1997
Record Label : Wicked Disc
Cat# : WIC 1008-2

01 : Morning Glory (Acoustic)

Download : Mornig Glory (Acoustic, The Orpheum Theater, Boston 14th October 1995)

I'm not really a big fan of Noel singing certain songs which Liam basically made his own, for example Wonderwall and Supersonic. However he does pull off Slide Away quite well, although nothing beats the original! I do like this version of Morning Glory, I guess it has a "demo" feel about it so that could be the reason I suppose. Anyway enough of my nonsense. Noel singing Morning Glory acoustic from the Orpheum Theater in Boston back in October 1995. The track was released on a compilation album "WBCN Naked Disc: A Collection Of Unreleased Performances" back in 1997. Enjoy.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix) / Bonehead's Bank Holiday (Demo)

Format : mp3
Country : UK / US
Year : 2014
Record Label : Big Brother Recordings
Cat# : N/A

01 : Bonehead's Bank Holiday (Remastered)
02 : Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix)
03 : Bonehead's Bank Holiday (Demo)

Download : Morning Glory Remastered Preview Tracks

With the (What's the Story) Morning Glory remaster officially confirmed three tracks were made available to preview. The remastered version of the previously vinyl only bonus track Bonehead's Bank Holiday is being streamed on The Guardian's Soundcloud page and iTunes US put online a Brendan Lynch mix of Champagne Supernova, which is totally different from the Lynch Mob Beats Mix I must add and very nearly rivals the original album version in it's quality. The also uploaded a "demo" of Bonehead's Bank Holiday recorded at the Club Quattro soundcheck in Tokyo, September 1994 by Mark Coyle. It has alternative lyrics to the finished version. Thanks to a good lad who shared the tracks, you know who you are, cheers.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Scorpio Rising (Death In Vegas Featuring Liam Gallagher)

Format : 5" CD
Country : UK
Year : 2002
Record Label : Concrete
Cat# : Various
Original Uploader : Schorman

01 : Scorpio Rising (Album Version)
02 : Scorpio Rising (The Polyphonic Spree Mix)
03 : Scorpio Rising (The Scientist Mix)
04 : Scorpio Rising (Live XFM @ Ulu)
05 : Scorpio Rising (The Scientist Dub)
06 : Scorpio Rising (The Scientist DJ Mix)
07 : Scorpio Rising (Work In Progress)

Download : Scorpio Rising

Thanks to Scott for sending the me the Australian EP of Scorpio Rising. He also shared a very rare promo CD-R with the DJ only mix by The Scientist. The Polyphonic Spree Mix is pretty cool as is the live version from the XFM gig. However The Scientist mixes are... let's just say interesting!

Tailgunner - Tailgunner

Format : 5" CD
Country : UK
Year : 2000
Record Label : No Label Records
Cat# : NLRCD1

01 : Living For Real
02 : Undercover
03 : Blow-Up
04 : Coming Back Home
05 : All Shook Up
06 : Slower And Slow
07 : How Do You Feel
08 : Crazy Horse
09 : Acetone
10 : Deadly, Man

Download FLAC : Part 1 | Part 2


Self titled album by Definitely Maybe engineer Mark Coyle's band Tailgunner. Coyle is on vocal duties and guitar. Paul Stacey is on bass and he actually performed engineering and bass duties on Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants and other selected Oasis songs between 2000 and 2002 and of course Noel Gallagher plays the drums. Strange album... really strange album. Lossless only however feel free to convert to mp3.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Don't Look Back In Anger (Acoustic) (Unbroadcast MTV Session)

Format : 1st Generation VHS (Audio)
Country : UK
Year : 1995
Record Label : N/A
Cat# : N/A
Original Uploader : Joakim

01 : Don't Look Back In Anger (Acoustic)

Download : Don't Look Back In Anger (Acoustic from Unbroadcast MTV Session)

Visit : Oasis Archive | What's The Story at Oasis Archive

Another exclusive rare track shared by Joakim via his Oasis Archive e-fanzine. This time an unbroadcast acoustic version of the Oasis classic, Don't Look Back In Anger. The audio is a direct rip from the VHS and not the YouTube video above. In the download is Joakim's original file and a version with the 10 seconds of silence at the end removed. The upload is part of a series called "What's The Story" which you can read much more about at the following link : Unknown 1995 Performance. If you have any information relating to the recording I'm sure Joakim and his friends who run the site would appreciate any help.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

BE Live, Rarities & Remixes

Format : Digital / Audience / CD-R
Country : UK
Year : 2014
Record Label : N/A
Cat # : N/A

01 : Flick Of The Finger (Alternative Mix)
02 : Iz Rite (Extended Outro)
03 : Shine a Light (Video Edit)
04 : Start Anew (Demo - Dreaming Of Some Space Reversed)
05 : White Smoke (Tape Edit)
06 : Cry Baby Cry (The Beatles)
07 : My Sweet Lord (George Harrison)
08 : Gimmie Shelter (Rolling Stones)
09 : Flick of The Finger (Remix)
10 : Soul Love (Remix)
11 : Soul Love (Trevor Jackson Heavy Dub)

Download : BE Live, Rarities & Remixes

Thanks to the unnamed three contributors, Icebreath, Birchy and the tapers for all their hard work. I figure after a year of BE I'd upload the extras from the album cycle which include fan made mixes, live covers and remixes. Full notes are in the download to explain the source of each track. The version of Gimmie Shelter is excellent, the band sound really good throughout. I don't know if there was ever a soundboard recording but the one included is excellent quality. Bonehead makes a welcome appearance on the George Harrison cover of My Sweet Lord.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Stay Young (Alternative Mix)

Format : DVD Audio
Country : US
Year : 1999
Record Label : Dimension
Cat # : 6305428220
Original Ripper / Uploader : Schorman

01 : Stay Young (Faculty 5.0 Mix)
02 : Stay Young (Front Mix)
03 : Stay Young (Full Mix)

Download : Stay Young (Alternative Mix)

Another rare lossless version ripped by Scott, thanks go to him once again. This time it is the alternative mix of Stay Young which was featured during the end credits of the DVD and is the only source of this track. For whatever reason Oasis decided to give this version over is unknown as the more well known version from the D'You Know What I Mean single is used on the official soundtrack album. The three mixes from the DVD are included in the download.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Teotihuacán (Alternative Edit)

Format : Blu-Ray Audio
Country : US
Year : 2013
Record Label : 20th Century Fox
Cat # : B00DJ9ZQQM
Original Ripper / Uploader : Schorman

01 : "5.0 FLAC"
02 : "2.0 FLAC Downmix"
03 : "2.0 FLAC Resampled to 16/44.1"

Download : Teotihuacán (Edit)

Thanks to Scott for sharing a lossless version of the shorter edit of Teotihuacán from the end credits of the Blu-Ray edition of The X-Files : Fight The Future. Included in the download is a 5.0 channel version, a 2.0 Stereo Downmix and a resampled 2.0 Stereo Downmix. It is strange to think that that film has been out since 1998 and it is only recently the track came to my attention and became widely available. You can add this to the Giants Demos and Sessions Collection available here.

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