Friday, 20 March 2015

Chasing Yesterday (Instrumentals)

Format : 320kbps mp3
Country : UK
Year : 2015
Record Label : Sour Mash Records
Cat# : N/A
Shared by : Pedro Kisuco

01 : Riverman
02 : In the Heat of The Moment
03 : The Girl With X-Ray Eyes
04 : Lock All the Doors
05 : The Dying of the Light
06 : The Right Stuff
07 : While The Song Remains The Same
08 : The Mexican
10 : Ballad of the Mighty I
11 : Do the Damage

Download : Chasing Yesterday (Instrumentals)

A huge thank you too Pedro Kisuco who has previously shared the both Beady Eye albums instrumentals and the first High Flying Birds album, he has followed it up with the new Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds album Chasing Yesterday as well. Please note track 9 "You Know We Can't Go Back" is not included in the download. As I have said in previous posts in regards to instrumentals you get to hear bit's and pieces that you miss on the album and single versions of the songs and in this case Lock All the Doors has a complete intro with some guitar feedback and The Dying of the Light's outro includes the guitar noise from the start of The Right Stuff, which is the way it should be on the album personally. Thanks for sharing once again Pedro.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Psychedelic Machine "Astrochemistry"

Visit : Andy Bell Music | Soundcloud

Andy is back with the third Psychedelic Machine Soundcloud upload "Astrochemistry". I must say this is my favourite of the series so far. It has a chilled late night Chemical Brothers vibe to it and I certainly wouldn't complain if the man himself released this style of music in the future. From the 12 minute mark till the 21st just takes me back to the come down of a late night party with a 6am finish.... I miss my youth folks.... I'm getting old.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lock All the Doors (Shakespeare's Sister Mix)

Format : 256kbps mp3
Country : UK
Year : 1993/2015
Record Label : N/A
Cat# : N/A
Created By : Shakespeare's Sister

01 : Lock All the Doors (Shakespeare's Sister Mix)

Download : Lock All the Doors (Shakespeare's Sister Mix)

Thanks to Shakespeare's Sister for making this mix of Lock All The Doors. The song was originally demoed away back in 1993 by Oasis during the Real People Sessions, with Liam on vocals. Fast forward 21 years and Noel re-recorded the track for his new album Chasing Yesterday. Shakespeare's Sister his made an great edit using both available versions with Noel on the verses and Liam singing the chorus.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Don't Look Back In Anger (US Single)

Format : 5" CD
Country : US
Year : 1996
Record Label : EPIC
Cat# : 34K 78356
Original Uploader : Anonymous from L4E Forum

01 : Don't Look Back In Anger
02 : Cum On Feel The Noise

Download : FLAC | mp3

Two track North American single release for Don't Look Back In Anger. The main track is backed up with a cover of Slade's Cum On Feel The Noize. Both FLAC and mp3 versions to upload with artwork included in the downloads. Thanks to a kind soul over on the Live4ever forum for originally ripping and uploading the disc, you know who who you are.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Be Here Now... The Avenger Version and More

Format : 320kbps mp3
Country : UK
Year : 2015
Record Label : N/A
Cat # : N/A

01 : D'You Know What I Mean?
02 : My Big Mouth
03 : Magic Pie
04 : Stand By Me
05 : I Hope, I Think, I Know
06 : The Girl In The Dirty Shirt
07 : Fade In-Out
08 : Don't Go Away
09 : Be Here Now
10 : All Around The World
11 : It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
12 : All Around The World (Reprise)

Download : Be Here Now... The Avenger Version

The Avenger Speaks....

"After listen to the Sonic Love Noize Concise Version, I felt he did a great job at getting the album to around 60 minutes, but I believe that a little too much was missing. I thought he made edits where there didn't really need to be, like on Don't Go Away and I Hope I Think I Know. After several hours of listening, testing, splicing, etc. I've come up with this concoction. A passion project for me to get Be Here Now down to a listening duration that isn't too chopped up and heavily edited but still isn't too long and bloated. Once the re-issue comes out, I will be able to revisit the album again to see what other changes I can do, but for now, I feel happy with this one.

I love constructive criticism, so let me know what can be improved or changed, or just kept the same. This is just how I prefer listening to Be Here Now. Thank you for listening! Enjoy!"

Format : FLAC
Country : UK
Year : 2015
Record Label : N/A
Cat # : N/A

01 : It's Gettin' Better Man!! (Louder Drums With Cowbell Mix)

Download : It's Gettin' Better Man!! (Louder Drums With Cowbell Mix)

MrPostman Speaks...

"I have made this new mix of It's Gettin Better Man by adding my own drums on top of it and adding, what I always visioned this song should have...some COWBELL. I refrained from my acoustic kit as I knew it would sound way too dry and brittle for this particular song, so I used my electronic drum kit instead. It's not perfect by any means but I just want to give something to the L4E community I'm sure the people will like."

Enjoy both these fan made projects folks. Thanks to both "The Avenger" for his hard work in editing the album and to Mr Postman for sweating the bit adding the drums to his mix... Get on the cowbell!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Shock Of The Lightning (Promo CD)

Format : 5" CD
Country : UK
Year : 2008
Record Label : Big Brother Recordings
Cat # : RKIDSCD52P

01 : The Shock Of The Lightning (Radio Edit)
02 : Falling Down (The Chemical Brothers Remix)

Download : FLAC | mp3

Two track promo CD for The Shock Of The Lightning which was the first single released from the last Oasis album, Dig Out Your Soul. The title track is a radio edit version of the song and the remix of Falling Down is by The Chemical Brothers. The remix has a clean intro/outro unlike the version on the bonus disc which came with the deluxe version of the album. Thanks to the original uploader for taking the time to share with us, you know who you are.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

BE Acoustic Radio Sessions

Format : mp3
Country : UK / Europe
Year : 2013
Record Label : N/A
Cat# : N/A
Original Uploader : Various

Dreaming In Paris
Oui FM Acoustic Session, Paris 17th May 2013
Abbey Road Session, 3rd June 2013
Virgin Radio Italia, Acoustic Session 24th June 2013
Babylon, RAI Radio 2 Acoustic Session 30th June 2013
XFM Session, London 25th November 2013
Absolute Radio Christmas Session, 26th November 2013

I've reuploaded all of the Beady Eye acoustic radio sessions I have. Click on the above links and you will be directed to their posts to download. It was the first time in 5 years that Liam sung in an acoustic environment and he really surprised quite a few people with how well he sang, especially at the OUI FM set, Start Anew sounds fantastic. Both the XFM and Absolute Radio sessions have the only live performances of the deluxe edition bonus tracks Off At The Next Exit and Back After The Break.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Falling Down (Demo) (Lossless)

Format : Digital Download
Country : US
Year : 2008
Record Label : Big Brother Recordings
Cat# : N/A
Original Uploader : Schorman

01 : Falling Down (Demo)

Download : Falling Down (Demo)

Once again Scott has shared another rare piece of his Oasis collection with us all. This time it is a lossless version (via the PONO store) of the Falling Down demo which was previously only available as an aac/mp3 download. The demo was written in the studio while Oasis were recording Dig Out Your Soul along with The Shock Of The Lightning and Come On, It's Alright (Come On Outside). According to Gem it is the final part of Noel's trilogy homage to Tomorrow Never Knows after Setting Sun and Let Forever Be, both of which Noel co-wrote with The Chemical Brothers. I like the roughness of this demo, especially the distortion on the guitars.

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